Pros and Cons of Facial Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have an aggressive name, if not reputation, and that can frighten away people who could really benefit. In fact, chemical peels are safe in the hands of a qualified esthetician, and can take years off your appearance.

Do not be dissuaded by the use of chemicals on your skin. When you receive a chemical peel from our expert in facial chemical peels in Encino, the exact concentration of acids and coverings has already been calculated for your exact case. Your progress will be monitored, and your comfort level kept as highest priority.

As with any dermatological procedure, there are pros and cons to facial chemical peels. Pros include:

• A genuine boost of youth—peels expose the brighter, fresher skin underneath for an overall revitalized appearance.
• Just through exfoliation alone, your face sheds dead skin cells which can increase the likelihood of you looking younger. The process also works extremely well against acne and irregular pigmentation.
• Deeper chemical peels firm up the skin, reducing minor to moderate wrinkles.

Here are some cons of facial chemical peels:

• Even the deeper peels do not completely remove deep wrinkles.
• The acidic solution may have side effects, such as redness or dryness.
• They are not cheap, if you want expertise.
• Contact our Encino dermatologist for more about facial chemical peels.


Healing after Tummy Tuck

One of the most significant plastic surgery wounds is created during the tummy tuck procedure. A long incision extends from one side of the abdomen to the other to open the treatment area for minimizing. In addition to this, the entire process is considerably invasive as excess fat and skin are removed. The expert in tummy tuck surgery in Los Angeles has to maneuver the internal parts of the abdomen to tighten muscles and decrease the size of the stomach during the procedure. Healing after the tummy tuck is complete is going to take a few weeks of resting and significantly limiting physical activity.

It is recommended by the expert in surgical plastic surgery in Los Angeles to take a vacation from work if possible. Doing too much moving before your abdomen has healed can increase swelling and soreness, and it could cause the wound to heal slower than expected. Smooth healing is an important part of keeping the large scar from appearing noticeable and thick as a result of complications. Get help from a relative or friend while you are in the beginning phase of the recovery process, and keep in mind that it helps to wear a compression top to support the healing abdomen.

Side Effects of Eyelid Surgeries

Even the most skilled surgeon is unable to guarantee that your recovery will be without major side effects. Any invasive technique performed on the eyelids is going to cause some trauma to the layers of skin and tissue. A common side effect that our Los Angeles upper eyelid surgery expert warns patients about is the appearance of bruises and swelling in the treatment area. It might be alarming to get used to at first, but a few days of rest will help you through the toughest stage of recovery.

Your eyelids might feel tight at first as they adjust to the rejuvenation, but you should be aware of any unusual symptoms. If you cannot fully close either of your eyes without a struggle, then you should get in touch with our expert in upper eyelid revision surgery in Los Angeles. This is a rare but very serious complication that typically occurs if an inexperienced surgeon takes away too much extra skin. Another indication of a poor result is a lack of change after a few weeks post-surgery. You may end up needing our doctor to provide a revision to achieve an adequate rejuvenation if the original doctor was simply too conservative.

Expectations with Asian Eyelid Surgery

Every single patient that makes the commitment to arrange an Asian eyelid surgery should have certain expectations about the results. You are basically paying the Asian eyelid surgeon in Beverly Hills to improve your appearance and boost confidence. If you have always wanted a double eyelid, nothing is going to give you the same satisfaction as undergoing surgery. The way that you feel about your outer appearance can be life-changing, and you should expect for your investment in double eyelid surgery to leave you feeling satisfied.

Prior to undergoing surgery, every single patient has to find a doctor that they are interested in working with regarding their treatment. An initial consultation is needed so that the surgeon can get to know your goals, personality, and suitability for the surgery that you desire. It is never too soon to begin educating yourself about the options available by examining Asian eyelid surgery before and after pictures that feature different techniques. The doctor is going to help you reach all of the important decisions based on a professional opinion, but it does not hurt to ensure that you understand the entire procedure that you will be going through to achieve a permanent double eyelid appearance.

How Invasive is Facelift Surgery?

The traditional facelift surgery techniques involve invasive incisions and intricate work with the aged tissue. Sometimes it is possible to limit the rejuvenation to a certain area of the face to avoid unnecessary trauma and decrease the recovery time. If it is your desire to avoid real surgery, you do have the option of a chemical or laser facelift. These techniques are not as reliable as a real facelift, but they can provide a very noticeable and effective improvement for the right patient.

Our plastic surgeon in Los Angeles is not going to recommend any surgery or minimally-invasive alternative until the consultation is complete. The entire purpose of the physical examination is to help the doctor understand your needs as a patient to help you make the right decision about treatment. If you are hesitant about the potential complications that you risk with an invasive facelift, put your mind at ease by investing in a surgeon that has a great reputation. You are making a decision that will lead to a permanent change in the way that you look. Do not be afraid to bring up any questions that you have and allow our doctor to provide the information necessary to alleviate your concerns.

Revision of Eyelid Surgeries

Although upper eyelid surgery is very popular, there are so many doctors that simply fail to handle the treatment adequately. It is a very small and delicate area of the body that cannot be treated with any carelessness, especially if skin is being removed. There is a good chance that extreme tightness will result if the surgeon is not conservative with the amount of skin that is permanently taken away. If this is the problem, it might prevent fully or comfortably closing the eyes until a revision is performed to relax the area.

It is possible for the eyelid muscle to end up damaged in a way that causes unusual and noticeable drooping after a rejuvenation is complete. If this happens, or there is unevenness when comparing both sides, you should inquire about receiving an upper eyelid revision surgery. Most problems can be repaired or improved so that you do not have to feel dissatisfaction with your appearance for the rest of your life. Do not be afraid to talk to the surgeon early on in your recovery because there may be ways that you can begin preparing for the revision before your body is truly ready to undergo another surgery.

How Much Do Brow Lifts Cost?

Before you consider making the commitment to a brow rejuvenation, you might have some initial questions that you would like to answer. The cost of receiving different types of brow lift treatments is going to vary, so it is tough to get a good estimate without an evaluation. Most doctors are more than happy to provide this without any fee so that you can find out more about the procedure from a real expert. Our doctor prefers to complete the physical examination to determine the best brow lift surgery type for your case to help you understand the cost in detail.

A more complex brow lift type is going to have more of a financial requirement than a chemical lift alone. This might influence your decision, but you can expect the more permanent improvements to have a higher eyebrow lift cost. It is truly up to your personal preference if you would rather have a single surgery or go back for treatments every few months. Over time this is going to add up to the same investment, or perhaps even more if you choose to maintain the results for many years. Our surgeon is going to provide a very effective and personal treatment solution, so the best thing that you can do is attend the consultation to find out if the cost seems like a worthwhile investment.

When a Brow Lift is a Good Option

You are going to be the best person to initially decide to see a professional in regards to a brow lift. If you truly feel that you have noticeably lower or flattened brows, it is going to be hard to overlook each day. Over time, you might notice that other people are casually commenting about your angry facial expression or that you seem under the weather. If you feel that your confidence would benefit from a brow lift, a surgeon will help figure out the best treatment option.

If you are curious about how you measure up to other patients with similar complaints, view eyebrow lift before and after pictures as a comparison tool. Our brow lift surgeon can also help you understand the potential that you have to improve the placement and contour of your feature with various techniques. A lift is always a good option if there is excess skin creating unattractive wrinkles and folds on such a noticeable area. As long as a full evaluation proves that you do not need a more drastic full facelift, you should feel very confident in the ways that you could experience a long-term and beneficial improvement to your aging brows.

Is an Upper Eyelid Surgery Right for Me?

One of the first ways to tell if an upper eyelid surgery is a suitable option for you is to have a full medical evaluation. The upper eyelid surgeon has to feel confident using anesthesia and invasive techniques without a risk of creating complications. If you have a condition that causes you to heal slowly, you will probably find that upper eyelid surgery is not the best solution for your problem. Anyone that is cleared to receive treatment should evaluate their current appearance to understand the benefits that could be experienced.

If you want to know how you measure against other patients, use some upper eyelid lift surgery before and after pictures as a reference. You might find that you are right on par with their symptoms, but it might also prove that your issues are not as severe as you believe. There needs to be a clear understanding that you have realistic expectations about the improvement that you want to receive. Otherwise, you are creating a risk of distortion if you decide to lift your eyelids before they truly need it. If you have any questions about your appearance and improvements that could be made, speak with the doctor personally to receive advice.

How Effective is Lateral Eyebrow Lift?

It is difficult to truly decide which type of eyebrow lift will be the most effective for you without an evaluation. You can find out a lot about the treatments by reading, but the best advice comes from an experienced surgeon. This is why our brow lift surgeon in Beverly Hills always recommends the initial consultation so that you can make an educated decision about your treatment. The lateral brow lift is unique because it targets the outer area of the brow instead of the arch or center. Although this problem area is not as common, the lateral lift is going to provide the desired rejuvenation without causing unnecessary trauma.

If you notice loose skin in the upper eyelid area that is caused by a drooping brow, rejuvenation in the temple area should help both issues. There is a chance to eliminate a significant amount of wrinkles and excess skin without any noticeable scarring or significant puffiness. However, you might find that this treatment provided by our Beverly Hills lateral brow lift surgeon is inadequate if the area between your brows or the forehead need rejuvenation as well. There is always a benefit in choosing a conservative rejuvenation, but you cannot rely on this advantage to help when more work is absolutely necessary.