Surgery for Upper Eyelid Lift

The upper eyelid lift is a pretty common plastic surgery treatment request that our surgeon deals with frequently. Noticeably drooping eyelid skin continues to get worse the longer you ignore the problem, especially if it is accompanied by the growth of fat. The extra weight simply speeds up the process until you feel that you can no longer handle the embarrassment of wrinkles and bulkiness. If you want to restore a more youthful and attractive appearance, consider an upper eyelid lift as your best solution.

To begin the surgery, an anesthesiologist usually provides general anesthesia because most people do not feel comfortable staying conscious while their eyes are being treated. All it takes is a single incision in the crease of the lid for our upper eyelid surgeon in Beverly Hills to begin working. Loose tissue is lifted if it is causing part of the problem with heaviness in the lids, and then the extra fat is removed through the opening. This should provide exceptional smoothness beneath the skin so that once it is rejuvenated, there are no lumps or wrinkles. Surgery is basically repeated on the opposite side to leave you with a great looking result that is as symmetrical.


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