Having Cheek Lift Surgery

When cheeks start to sag, it causes them to lose prominence, and a hollow look can start to develop. Bags can form under the eyes and nasolabial folds can start to become more noticeable. A cheek lift surgery is an effective measure for addressing these cosmetic issues.

In a cheek lift procedure, our surgeon will first make small incisions on the scalp above the hairline and in your mouth above the gumline. Through these incisions, the fatty tissue under your cheeks that is known as the malar pad will be placed onto a higher point of your cheekbones. Sutures will be used to fix the malar pad in place. As you heal, the sutures will dissolve. Prominence will return to you cheeks, and your nasolabial folds and bags under your eyes will be greatly diminished. Go online and check out some cheek lift before and after photos to see some typical results.

Though cheek lift surgery has been proven safe and effective for addressing cosmetic concerns, it is still possible to experience complications from the procedure. Minimal swelling and bruising may occur in the days immediately after the procedure, but you should be recovered after 7-10 days. Full healing from the procedure can take up to several months. If your results are not typical compared to cheek lift surgery before and after photos online, you may be a candidate for revision surgery.


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