Improving Upper Eyelids with Surgery

The beauty of the eyes is one of the first things that a person will notice about you, even if you no longer appear youthful. It is possible to begin showing wrinkles and losing skin elasticity in early adulthood, and there is very little that you can do once this happens. Over-the-counter skin tightening treatments are expensive, and the results quickly discontinue if you decide to stop wasting money on the products. If you value your outer appearance, our Beverly Hills eyelid surgeon has a solution that is going to provide an improvement that is long-term and noticeable.

Improving the upper eyelids with a surgical procedure gives you a chance to stop worrying about your appearance because you can feel confident again. With a couple of small incisions, our expert in upper eyelid procedure in Beverly Hills reduces the amount of loose skin and wrinkles. The tissue beneath the skin is lifted to create a more attractive contour than you have currently. If you also have bulging fat above your eyes, this can be eliminated in the same procedure with only a couple of extra steps. The eye area is quite delicate, but you should not experience a difficult recovery if you work with a surgeon that had adequate experience.


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