What Does Upper Eyelid Surgery Do?

The most obvious result that a patient is going to get when they undergo an upper eyelid surgery is a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance. Plastic surgery is intended to help people become more attractive by altering features that they do not like. The issues that you may be experiencing with your upper eyelids could be caused by aging alone. This results from a combination of poor skincare, sun exposure and the natural loss of elasticity. Another issue that can be fixed with upper eyelid treatment is noticeable unevenness caused by an injury or complication in one eye.

You can find out a lot about treatments by looking at the patients featured in our upper eyelid surgery before and after images. The surgery begins the same for almost all of our patients, with the same incisions placed along the crease right above the eye. Rejuvenation or other changes can then take place when our expert in eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills uses small tools to manipulate the internal treatment area as much as needed. Some people desire a major change, while others tend to feel more comfortable knowing that their surgery is conservative. Upper eyelid surgery is a great way to improve the way you look and the amount of confidence you possess.

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