How Eyelids Would Look After Surgery

A large percentage of patients that choose to have an eyelid surgery do so to achieve a rejuvenation. The right patient is going to experience a major improvement once their skin is tightened and lifted. You can get an idea of the results you might experience if you look at an eyelid surgery picture that shows a before and after. It is not the result that you will see immediately after surgery, but most patients heal rapidly.

The eyelids are very delicate so it is not possible to go through non surgical plastic surgery techniques to achieve adequate results. Although eyelid surgery is invasive, there is no reason to worry about seeing a noticeable incision scar after surgery. Our doctor creates each incision in the crease above the eye so that it will be camouflaged once the recovery has completed. If you are an Asian patient with a flat lid, you may decide to undergo the surgery to split the skin with a crease. It is possible to go through this technique and have the rejuvenation performed at the same time. The only way that you can truly understand the way that your eyes should look after surgery is to consult with the doctor.


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