What Does Asian Eyelid Surgery Involve?

The initial step to receiving a double eyelid surgery is the consultation with the Asian eyelid surgeon in Beverly Hills who is performing your procedure. This evaluation is going to actually determine the steps involved in the treatment based on your current problems and any goals you have for your appearance. One person might feel the highest level of confidence receiving a full incision Asian eyelid surgery, because it has the lowest chance of failure. In contrast, another person may choose the double suture and twisting option, because it is the least complicated of the options.

Every treatment performed by our Beverly Hills Asian eyelid procedure expert is done as the patient is under anesthesia. The non-invasive technique only requires local anesthesia, because it is a quick and simple procedure. A few tiny sutures are placed in a line to provide the appearance of a crease or fold. Invasive options involve general anesthesia, because there is more complexity in the actual procedure. This type of Asian eyelid surgery adds the benefits of rejuvenation with the creation of the double eyelid appearance. Either small incisions are created in a line, or a single cut is made to remove a thin piece of skin. Rejuvenation steps are performed to make the patient appear more youthful so that their new double eyelid feature is noticeable once fully healed.


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