Common Types of Eyelid Surgeries

Eyelid surgeries can be performed for either cosmetic or functional reasons, or even a little bit of both. Three of the most common types of eyelid surgery include upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, and double eyelid surgery.

Upper eyelid surgery is done to correct any droopiness of the upper eyelid. This occurrence can happen as a result of age, but it may be hereditary or due to injury in some cases. In this procedure, the upper eyelid is set at the correct position either through a suture method or an incision technique. During the procedures, the doctor will remove any excess skin, fat, and muscle in the upper eyelid in order to position it correctly.

Lower eyelid surgery is used to address bags under the eyes and wrinkled skin around the eyes. It can also be done if the lower eyelid droops so low that too much white of the iris is showing in the patient. In this procedure, the surgeon will remove excess fat from the area to correct the issue.

Double eyelid surgery is done for patients who lack a natural-looking fold in their eyelids and desire to have one placed there by a surgeon. As this condition affects about fifty percent of the Asian community, it is sometimes referred to as Asian eyelid surgery. In this procedure, our expert in Asian eyelid procedure in Beverly Hills will use either a suture method or an incision method to create the fold. If the incision method is used, our expert in double eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills will remove the excess skin and fat from the eyelid in order to create the fold.

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