How is Brow Lift Revised?

A brow lift is a very effective treatment option for correcting the issue of a sagging brow due to aging. Even though brow lifts have never been safer or more effective, it is still possible to end up with results that do not match your desired treatment goals. In these cases, a brow lift revision may be necessary.

A brow lift is revised based off of the complications experienced from the previous surgery. For instance, the easiest issue to resolve is when a patient ends up with an under-corrected result. The reason for this is because not enough skin and tissue were removed in the original surgery, giving nearly the same appearance previous to the surgery. In this instance, our surgeon would remove the excess skin and tissue that should have been removed the first time around. In some cases, this can be done using the incision line from the previous surgery.

In an over-corrected result, too much skin and tissue were removed from the brow in the original surgery. Our surgeon can still correct this, but a skin graft may first be necessary to give enough flexibility to the skin that was stretched too tight in the first surgery.

For those suffering from asymmetry, the doctor will only need to raise the side of your face that did not heal at the same level as the other side.

If you have experienced unsatisfactory results from a previous brow lift surgery, contact our expert in brow lift revision in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.


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