Options for Eyebrow Lifts

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent defining features on the face. However, it is also first to give into the effects of gravity through sagging and aging in the skin. This can alter the entire appearance of the face, rounding out the natural almond-shape of the eyes and creating a “sad” or “hooded” presence. An eyebrow lift has the ability to correct these imperfections and bring back a natural symmetry to a tiring looking face. An expert in eyebrow lift in Tarzana can rediscover the eyebrow arch of your youth and return the aesthetics you have seen fade away with time. Not only will a brow lift restore this problem, but it will also soften the lines and wrinkles that may have formed on the surrounding skin and forehead.

Before committing to a surgical brow lift, a Tarzana skin doctor will recommend Botox for most of the mild brow drooping. Botox is injected into the crow’s feet area of the face in order to lift the tail end of the brow. This will ultimately weaken these muscles and prevent the sad appearance, as well as give a significant amount of brightening to the eyes.

A more permanent option for severe brow drooping involves a surgical coronal incision along the hairline from ear to ear. The skin is lifted and the brows are realigned to the appearance desired by the patient. Endoscopic lifts are recommended for those with higher hairlines. During this procedure, short incisions are made behind the hairline and endoscopic equipment is used to elevate the brow and eyelid hood.


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