Candidates for Direct Eyebrow Lift

At first thought, you may wonder why any patient would willingly choose a facial technique that could leave noticeable scars. The direct eyebrow lift does involve incisions in the skin just above the eyebrow area, but the scars often fade away until they seem almost invisible. Candidates for this treatment are usually dealing with an unevenness that is easiest to fix by working exclusively on the side that needs rejuvenation the most. It also helps if the contour of the brows has fallen without creating the need to rejuvenate the surrounding skin. Selecting a surgery that is not going to create unnecessary trauma is one reason that you should consider working with our expert in direct brow lift in Los Angeles.

The first thing that you should do if you are interested in any brow rejuvenation is to go through the evaluation process. This is mainly there for our Los Angeles brow lift surgery expert to determine which techniques are going to provide the most benefit. If you go through a rejuvenation that is more involving than you actually need, then there is a risk of over-correction. Stick with the direct brow lift recommendation if our surgeon feels that you are a good candidate for the treatment.


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