Direct Brow Lift Vs. Lateral Brow Lift

The area around our eyes is unfortunately one of the very first locations of our face to feel the effects of aging. Our brow begins to sag over the years, causing the arch in our eyebrows to flatten. This sagging of the brow can also lead to frown lines and thick forehead wrinkles. Two procedures used to best correct the aesthetic issues affecting this area are the direct brow lift and the lateral brow lift.

A lateral brow lift is an especially useful procedure for restoring youthful arch aesthetics. In this procedure, the skin around the outside portion of the eyebrows is repositioned and tightened. Because it is only the lateral portion of the eyebrows that is being lifted, this procedure does not affect the forehead or the space between the eyebrows. Still, it is a very useful procedure if you are only looking to improve your arch aesthetics. Contact our expert in lateral eyebrow lift in Beverly Hills for more information.

A direct brow lift is a slightly more complicated procedure. In this procedure, incisions are made over your eyebrows. The skin of your forehead is then pulled down to your eyebrows. Any excess skin and tissue are then removed, and your forehead is reattached at the brows. This procedure addresses not only arch aesthetics, but will also eliminate frown lines between the brows and deep wrinkles in the forehead. If you think you may be a candidate for a direct brow lift, contact our expert in direct brow lift in Beverly Hills to set up a consultation.


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