Is Surgery Required for Facelift?

The greatest advantage you have when working with our Beverly Hills facelift plastic surgery expert is the access to the latest procedures. Many years ago, the only way to rejuvenate sagging skin was to undergo a full facelift. Inexperienced surgeons working on patients who did not need such a drastic procedure created concerns with the effectiveness of the treatment. As time has progressed, new options have become available to provide alternative solutions that are tailored to the patient and a desired area. Actual surgery is not even required to experience the same benefits of a real facelift if you don’t need it.

Our expert in facelift in Beverly Hills offers patients a non-surgical, chemical solution to eliminate the need for the actual surgery. Certain liquids are injected into wrinkles and specified areas of the face to create an effective rejuvenation. One of the products that our surgeon uses is Botox to lift the underlying tissue. Once this step is complete, hyaluronic acid filler can be used to fill in and smooth any deep lines. It is impossible to create an over-correction using chemical fillers, and patients experience very few problematic side effects after receiving injections. The only real downside to this treatment is that it is very temporary, and patients will have to return to the facility every few months to keep the benefits.


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