When Facelifts Go Wrong

There is a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong when it comes to a traditional facelift. This is a full rejuvenation that is supposed to target sagging tissue and skin across the entire face. A high level of experience is needed to prevent correcting more than what is needed or ignoring areas that truly need rejuvenation. If either of these problems occurs, the final result is going to appear noticeably distorted.

Patients always have the opportunity to undergo a revision performed by our talented Beverly Hills facelift surgeon to ensure that the next treatment is the last one needed. It is unfortunate to have to go through the entire process again, but no one deserves to live with embarrassment regarding their appearance. At least six months of healing have to be completed before it is safe to revise surgery, unless there is some type of emergency requiring it sooner. It is rare that this occurs, so the chances are that you will schedule your revision consultation after a wait period. During the procedure, our expert in facelift revision in Beverly Hills is going to relax the skin or target the ignored area so that the final result is a natural looking rejuvenation.


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