What Can be Done When Facial Plastic Surgery Results Are Not Satisfactory?

Facial plastic surgery has never been safer or more effective than it is today. However, there are times when some patients who have undergone a procedure are not entirely satisfied with the results. Luckily, our surgeons are able to perform revisions for many undesirable facial plastic surgery outcomes.

A double eyelid procedure is a popular option for people with a single eyelid appearance known as monolids that would like to place a natural-looking crease on their eyelids. Because this condition affects about 50 percent of the Asian population, it is sometimes referred to as an Asian eyelid surgery. One complication that can occur with such a procedure is a high fold. This condition happens when the fold is placed too high above the eye in the original surgery. Our expert in Asian eyelid revision surgery can actually release the high fold and create a lower, more desirable fold for a better result.

Another popular procedure is the eyebrow lift. This procedure is designed to reduce forehead wrinkles, improve frown lines, and raise sagging brows. In some cases, the skin on the brow is over-elevated, creating an unnatural, older look. Our surgeons understand that with an eyebrow lift, less is usually more, so they are trained for correcting an over-elevated brow. If you think you might be a candidate for an eyebrow lift revision, contact our expert in eyebrow lift revision in Los Angeles to set up a consultation.


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