Pros and Cons of Lateral Eyebrow Lift

The lateral brow lift is a rejuvenation procedure that requires incisions near the temples. Once these incisions are created, the expert in eyebrow lift surgery in Los Angeles manipulates the tissue and skin so that it appears more youthful and tight. One positive aspect of this treatment over other brow lifts is that the trauma is minimal. This is possible, because it cuts down on the distance between the treatment area and the actual incisions. Another advantage is that it typically helps to improve the entire upper eyelid as the nearby skin is lifted. This does not require additional incisions or another surgery to improve both areas at once.

There are always cons to receiving certain treatments if they are considered invasive techniques. A lateral brow lift is intended to improve the outer tip, but it does not rejuvenate the arch or skin between the brows. It is also worth considering the risk of developing an infection in the incision area if the patient does not take antibiotics as prescribed or follow the aftercare instructions as they were given. As long as you can commit to taking care of yourself as instructed by the expert in lateral eyebrow lift in Los Angeles, you should find that the pros outweigh any potential cons.


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