Steps in Upper Eyelid Surgery

Every plastic surgery patient is going to have a natural curiosity regarding their treatment, especially if they choose to be under sedation through the process. Fortunately, the upper eyelid procedure is easy to understand, as is not a very complicated surgery. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that it involves working in a very small and delicate area.

A single incision above the eye starts the surgery so that a small instrument can be inserted beneath the skin to work with the underlying tissue. Any unnecessary fat is then cut out of the area until the remaining tissue is easy to lift into a more youthful and smooth contour. The bulk of the work is done in this step so that the skin can be easily draped tighter without leaving bumps or wrinkles. A few sutures are placed to close the wound in order for the Beverly Hills upper eyelid surgery expert to begin working on the opposite side.

The patient is taken off of anesthesia at the end of surgery so that they can get ready to return home. After a short period of observation, you should be allowed to leave under the care of a friend or loved one. Recovery begins immediately and you should have a clear idea of what to expect from the instructions that have been provided by our surgeon in the next few days.


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