Is Rhinoplasty the Right Option for Me?

The majority of rhinoplasty patients have spent their entire lives wishing that they could change certain parts of their nose. Everything from a large size to minor imperfections can be fixed with surgery to create a permanent improvement. Someone that has only recently started to feel the urge to undergo a rhinoplasty may not be the ideal candidate, as they could regret such a spontaneous decision. For those patients, it may be a better idea to start with filler injections to fill in the hollow points and to smooth out sharp ridges in the nose before undergoing real surgery.

You can get a greater understanding of the aspects of the nose than can be changed by looking at rhinoplasty before and after pictures. These patients are depicted with all different types of issues and the common goal to achieve a more perfect nose. If you truly feel that you are similar to these patients and feel that you cannot overcome the embarrassment caused by your appearance, a rhinoplasty might be right for you. Although it is possible to undergo a revision for poor results, changing your nose through surgery is a lifetime commitment. Take your time when reaching a decision and meet with at least one surgeon before scheduling the treatment.


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