Typical Cost of Cheek Lift Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures that are invasive and more complicated to perform require more work, so they end up with a higher cost to perform. One great thing about pursuing a cheek lift is that most cases are very routine and require little additional work. A patient is first placed under anesthesia by the Los Angeles cheek lift surgery expert. Once the patient is asleep, the tissue is lifted, and then sutures are placed to close the incision. Most doctors do not run into unexpected problems, so the fee does not vary much between patients.

Every patient that desires a cheek lift surgery has to cover the expense of anesthesia, the use of any surgical instruments, the time spent in the treatment facility, the prescription antibiotics, the pain medications, and any meetings with the doctor. One reason that the average Los Angeles cheek lift cost may be more expensive than usual is if the patient requests additional augmentation. Adding an enhancement, such as implants, to the same treatment date can actually cut down on some of the fees associated with multiple surgeries, though.

The best way to get an actual cost estimate and a list of the individual fees is to have your cheeks examined. Once the doctor understands the issue and creates a treatment solution, you will be able to fully understand the cost.


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