Best Candidates for Cheek Lift Surgery

Anyone that has lost volume in the top part of their cheek usually has this issue due to the internal tissue sinking toward the bottom of the face. If you are suffering from this problem, then you are a good candidate for a lift. This condition and the good health of the patient are the basic qualities a surgeon looks for when determining the best candidates for receiving invasive treatment. A consultation is the opportunity to discuss medical history, current health conditions, and have a full examination of the desired treatment area.

Cheek lift surgery performed by our Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon is a delicate process that comes with certain risks. A good candidate is aware of the chance that they may experience certain complications, such as asymmetry. These types of complications will require a revision procedure. As long as you are realistic with expectations, the doctor should feel comfortable providing the treatment for you.

Patients have to commit to the cost of treatment, a restful recovery period, and the common side effects that might be experienced after a cheek lift. The best candidates understand the risks and still maintain an enthusiastic attitude regarding their treatment. Every aspect of surgery is explained thoroughly during the first consultation so that potential candidates are able to understand the reasons they can or cannot receive treatment under the care of our doctor.


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