What You Should Know about Eyelid Surgeries

Our expert fully educates plastic surgery recipients on any procedures that they are interested in receiving during the consultation. Eyelid surgeries are performed either to create a double eyelid or to rejuvenate the eye area to appear more youthful. You should know that both of these surgeries are invasive, unless a single eyelid patient chooses the double suture and twisting option. Potential results have to be fully understood before agreeing to a procedure, though, because it is impossible to return to the original appearance.

Upper eyelid revision surgery is intended to help patients that endured complications following their original treatment. Asymmetry is one common complaint of individuals that have received an upper eyelid rejuvenation. One eyelid may noticeably sag or appear less rejuvenated than the other side when this happens. An individual of the Asian ethnicity that desired the creation of a double eyelid can run into similar issues at the conclusion of their treatment. Eyelid surgeries are not without certain risks, but if the original results are ineffective or botched, then revision is usually the best solution. Unless there are dangerous complications that demand immediate attention, wait until the area has fully healed before meeting with the expert in double eyelid procedure in Beverly Hills for another examination.


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