What is the Purpose of Otoplasty?

The reason that people choose to undergo otoplasty surgery is to improve the appearance of one or both of their ears. There are a lot of different ways that a patient may want help creating a more perfect size or shape to this feature.

Reducing the size is a result that can be created by pinning the ears to the sides of the head so that they do not project outward as significantly. Without this type of help, the patient is likely to go through their life trying to hide behind long hair or enduring constant cruel jokes. It is possible to actually receive this treatment early in life, as long as parents are willing to make the arrangements.

One or both ears might have a natural deformity or abnormal appearance caused by some type of trauma. It is more complex to fix some of these issues, but our facial surgeon in Beverly Hills has plenty of experience with reconstruction. There may be no way to create the uniform appearance of ears that are considered attractive or normal, but the doctor will get as close as possible through surgery. You may find that otoplasty is a great solution to remedy the physical issues that stand in the way of your confidence.


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