Recovery After Eyelid Surgery

There are very few special instructions when preparing for the recovery following an eyelid surgery. A single incision wound in the crease of each lid is the only real opening that needs to be observed carefully. Additional healing takes place beneath the surface of the skin and relies mostly on getting an adequate amount of rest.

Our Beverly Hills eyelid surgery expert discusses the details of recovery and aftercare with every single patient during the consultation and before their release at the conclusion of surgery. Understanding the expectations as you heal can help you understand any complications that are considered abnormal.

Prepare ahead of time to take a few days off of work so that you have a stress-free recovery. Ask a close friend or relative to stay in your home to help as you rest through the first week. After a couple of days, the symptoms will begin to become less noticeable until they are no longer bothersome to endure. Plan to attend an examination with the Beverly Hills facial surgeon after a week of recovery to ensure that you are making enough progress in healing. Unless you have urgent concerns before this appointment, discuss all questions and concerns with your recovery with the doctor during the post-operative evaluation.


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