What Difference Can Double Eyelid Surgery Make?

A very noticeable difference should be achieved through a successful Asian eyelid procedure. The typical patient for this surgery wants to split their flat monolid into a double eyelid with the help of a surgeon. This is achieved through different solutions, including the placement of sutures along the upper eyelid to form a crease line. Someone that needs rejuvenation, as well as the double eyelid creation, is going to achieve this appearance with a more invasive surgery. Our Beverly Hills double eyelid surgery expert might recommend making a full incision or choosing the partial incisions to create the final result.

One way to find out the difference that each type of surgery can make is to look at double eyelid surgery before and after pictures taken by the surgeon. This helps to get a clearer idea of the results that you could achieve when selecting each of the different treatment options. If you are able to find a patient that has a similar original appearance, then it might help to make the final decision regarding the surgery that will be the most beneficial to you. Discuss all of the options openly with the doctor so that you will be able to meet all of your personal goals through the double eyelid surgery technique.

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