When Facelifts Go Wrong

There is a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong when it comes to a traditional facelift. This is a full rejuvenation that is supposed to target sagging tissue and skin across the entire face. A high level of experience is needed to prevent correcting more than what is needed or ignoring areas that truly need rejuvenation. If either of these problems occurs, the final result is going to appear noticeably distorted.

Patients always have the opportunity to undergo a revision performed by our talented Beverly Hills facelift surgeon to ensure that the next treatment is the last one needed. It is unfortunate to have to go through the entire process again, but no one deserves to live with embarrassment regarding their appearance. At least six months of healing have to be completed before it is safe to revise surgery, unless there is some type of emergency requiring it sooner. It is rare that this occurs, so the chances are that you will schedule your revision consultation after a wait period. During the procedure, our expert in facelift revision in Beverly Hills is going to relax the skin or target the ignored area so that the final result is a natural looking rejuvenation.


Cheek Lifts and Eyelid Procedures

A universal truth is that, as we age, our skin starts to sag and develop wrinkles. Your face is often one of the first areas where this will be most noticeable. Luckily, there are a variety of procedures that can address these cosmetic concerns.

When our cheeks sag, they make us appear old and tired. Not only do the cheeks take on a slumping appearance, but it can give us deep wrinkles stretching from the nose to the mouth. Sagging cheeks can also create drooping in our outer eyebrow and bags under our eyes. A cheek lift repositions the fatty tissues of the cheek into a higher position, which tightens the skin and adds definition. Wrinkles are then smoothed out and the bags under the eyes disappear. If you are considering a cheek lift procedure, contact our expert in cheek lift surgery in Los Angeles to make an appointment.

Eyelid procedures can be done for either functional or cosmetic reasons. Eyelid procedures are commonly used to correct drooping eyelids, wrinkles around the eyes, and the occurrence of a monolid. A monolid is an eyelid that does not possess the natural-looking crease that many eyelids have as a feature. This condition affects about half of the Asian population, but a double eyelid surgery can place a natural-looking crease. If you are interested in seeing if you are a candidate for double eyelid surgery, contact our expert in double eyelid procedure in Los Angeles to set up a consultation.

What Can be Done When Facial Plastic Surgery Results Are Not Satisfactory?

Facial plastic surgery has never been safer or more effective than it is today. However, there are times when some patients who have undergone a procedure are not entirely satisfied with the results. Luckily, our surgeons are able to perform revisions for many undesirable facial plastic surgery outcomes.

A double eyelid procedure is a popular option for people with a single eyelid appearance known as monolids that would like to place a natural-looking crease on their eyelids. Because this condition affects about 50 percent of the Asian population, it is sometimes referred to as an Asian eyelid surgery. One complication that can occur with such a procedure is a high fold. This condition happens when the fold is placed too high above the eye in the original surgery. Our expert in Asian eyelid revision surgery can actually release the high fold and create a lower, more desirable fold for a better result.

Another popular procedure is the eyebrow lift. This procedure is designed to reduce forehead wrinkles, improve frown lines, and raise sagging brows. In some cases, the skin on the brow is over-elevated, creating an unnatural, older look. Our surgeons understand that with an eyebrow lift, less is usually more, so they are trained for correcting an over-elevated brow. If you think you might be a candidate for an eyebrow lift revision, contact our expert in eyebrow lift revision in Los Angeles to set up a consultation.

How Long Does Eyebrow Lift Recovery Take?

Understanding the potential time that you will be in recovery from an eyebrow lift is going to require making a decision regarding the treatment. The type of procedure that has the absolute easiest recovery is going to be the chemical option, because there are no incisions in the procedure. A patient might feel good enough to return to work the next day even, because using a chemical lift does not require rest in the recovery.

A more traditional treatment provided by our expert in eyebrow lift procedure in Los Angeles is going to require weeks of recovery. It is a good idea to plan for at least a week at home in the first stage of recovery, and then you should meet with the doctor for another evaluation. At this point, it will be more clear on how long the remainder of recovery should take based on your rate of healing. Most of the discoloration and puffiness is going to decrease after the first week, but it may take a couple of months to truly feel back to normal. Always discuss all of your options with our Los Angeles eyebrow lift surgery expert so that you can make a final decision based on the factors that are the most important to you, such as average recovery time.

Pros and Cons of Lateral Eyebrow Lift

The lateral brow lift is a rejuvenation procedure that requires incisions near the temples. Once these incisions are created, the expert in eyebrow lift surgery in Los Angeles manipulates the tissue and skin so that it appears more youthful and tight. One positive aspect of this treatment over other brow lifts is that the trauma is minimal. This is possible, because it cuts down on the distance between the treatment area and the actual incisions. Another advantage is that it typically helps to improve the entire upper eyelid as the nearby skin is lifted. This does not require additional incisions or another surgery to improve both areas at once.

There are always cons to receiving certain treatments if they are considered invasive techniques. A lateral brow lift is intended to improve the outer tip, but it does not rejuvenate the arch or skin between the brows. It is also worth considering the risk of developing an infection in the incision area if the patient does not take antibiotics as prescribed or follow the aftercare instructions as they were given. As long as you can commit to taking care of yourself as instructed by the expert in lateral eyebrow lift in Los Angeles, you should find that the pros outweigh any potential cons.

Steps in Upper Eyelid Surgery

Every plastic surgery patient is going to have a natural curiosity regarding their treatment, especially if they choose to be under sedation through the process. Fortunately, the upper eyelid procedure is easy to understand, as is not a very complicated surgery. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that it involves working in a very small and delicate area.

A single incision above the eye starts the surgery so that a small instrument can be inserted beneath the skin to work with the underlying tissue. Any unnecessary fat is then cut out of the area until the remaining tissue is easy to lift into a more youthful and smooth contour. The bulk of the work is done in this step so that the skin can be easily draped tighter without leaving bumps or wrinkles. A few sutures are placed to close the wound in order for the Beverly Hills upper eyelid surgery expert to begin working on the opposite side.

The patient is taken off of anesthesia at the end of surgery so that they can get ready to return home. After a short period of observation, you should be allowed to leave under the care of a friend or loved one. Recovery begins immediately and you should have a clear idea of what to expect from the instructions that have been provided by our surgeon in the next few days.

Is Rhinoplasty the Right Option for Me?

The majority of rhinoplasty patients have spent their entire lives wishing that they could change certain parts of their nose. Everything from a large size to minor imperfections can be fixed with surgery to create a permanent improvement. Someone that has only recently started to feel the urge to undergo a rhinoplasty may not be the ideal candidate, as they could regret such a spontaneous decision. For those patients, it may be a better idea to start with filler injections to fill in the hollow points and to smooth out sharp ridges in the nose before undergoing real surgery.

You can get a greater understanding of the aspects of the nose than can be changed by looking at rhinoplasty before and after pictures. These patients are depicted with all different types of issues and the common goal to achieve a more perfect nose. If you truly feel that you are similar to these patients and feel that you cannot overcome the embarrassment caused by your appearance, a rhinoplasty might be right for you. Although it is possible to undergo a revision for poor results, changing your nose through surgery is a lifetime commitment. Take your time when reaching a decision and meet with at least one surgeon before scheduling the treatment.

Pros and Cons of Laser Facelift Surgery

Traditional facelift techniques have become more successful over the last few years, but there are many people that still simply feel uncomfortable with the risks associated with surgery. Chemical facelifts are a popular alternative that will only provide patients with temporary improvement that simply won’t last without additional treatments. A great meeting place between these options is the innovative laser facelift surgery. The only negative complaint in connection with this solution is that it does not provide an immediate improvement for most people. It is normal for our expert in facelift surgery in Beverly Hills to perform multiple laser treatments to achieve the desired rejuvenation.

Patients that do decide to receive laser facelift surgery are extremely pleased with the quality and longevity of their results. There is no pain at any point in the procedure, so anesthesia is not needed. After a few treatments, the skin is going to regain elasticity and begin producing the collagen needed to smooth wrinkles. There is a noticeable amount of tightening that will occur as a result. Individuals with severely sagging skin actually notice improvement more easily than patients who are more youthful. Consider the pros and cons of laser facelift treatments before deciding if it is the best way to rejuvenate your skin.

Typical Cost of Cheek Lift Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures that are invasive and more complicated to perform require more work, so they end up with a higher cost to perform. One great thing about pursuing a cheek lift is that most cases are very routine and require little additional work. A patient is first placed under anesthesia by the Los Angeles cheek lift surgery expert. Once the patient is asleep, the tissue is lifted, and then sutures are placed to close the incision. Most doctors do not run into unexpected problems, so the fee does not vary much between patients.

Every patient that desires a cheek lift surgery has to cover the expense of anesthesia, the use of any surgical instruments, the time spent in the treatment facility, the prescription antibiotics, the pain medications, and any meetings with the doctor. One reason that the average Los Angeles cheek lift cost may be more expensive than usual is if the patient requests additional augmentation. Adding an enhancement, such as implants, to the same treatment date can actually cut down on some of the fees associated with multiple surgeries, though.

The best way to get an actual cost estimate and a list of the individual fees is to have your cheeks examined. Once the doctor understands the issue and creates a treatment solution, you will be able to fully understand the cost.

Best Candidates for Cheek Lift Surgery

Anyone that has lost volume in the top part of their cheek usually has this issue due to the internal tissue sinking toward the bottom of the face. If you are suffering from this problem, then you are a good candidate for a lift. This condition and the good health of the patient are the basic qualities a surgeon looks for when determining the best candidates for receiving invasive treatment. A consultation is the opportunity to discuss medical history, current health conditions, and have a full examination of the desired treatment area.

Cheek lift surgery performed by our Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon is a delicate process that comes with certain risks. A good candidate is aware of the chance that they may experience certain complications, such as asymmetry. These types of complications will require a revision procedure. As long as you are realistic with expectations, the doctor should feel comfortable providing the treatment for you.

Patients have to commit to the cost of treatment, a restful recovery period, and the common side effects that might be experienced after a cheek lift. The best candidates understand the risks and still maintain an enthusiastic attitude regarding their treatment. Every aspect of surgery is explained thoroughly during the first consultation so that potential candidates are able to understand the reasons they can or cannot receive treatment under the care of our doctor.