Procedures for Improving the Appearance of Eyes

An aged eye area can make a person appear many years beyond their true age, especially in younger adults. This is an embarrassing problem that is difficult to remedy with topical products alone, so our doctor typically recommends surgery for the best solution. One treatment that is highly successful is the traditional rejuvenation of the drooping skin with the elimination of excess fat above the eye. There is very little that can go wrong with this treatment, unless the patient has multiple goals that may not have been addressed in the original treatment. For instance, a patient of the Asian ethnicity that had a double eyelid created through surgery but lost the fold once it healed would require help from our expert in double eyelid revision in Beverly Hills.

Problems with visible signs of aging in this area may be corrected with brow lift options if the issue starts higher than the eyelids. The direct and temporal lift options both tighten skin and cause the eyelid area to take on a portion of the rejuvenation. One common problem that occurs when working on each side independently is the risk of uneven results once the healing has progressed after treatment. If needed, our expert in direct eyebrow lift in Beverly Hills can fix the problem to leave a rejuvenation that is youthful and symmetrical.


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