What You Should Know about Asian Eyelid Surgery

There are lot of important details that every patient should know before deciding to undergo an Asian eyelid surgery. This type of treatment is almost impossible to reverse once scar tissue has formed, so our facial surgeon in Beverly Hills urges patients to carefully consider the procedure. One non-invasive option that is excluded to treating single eyelid patients is the double suture and twisting procedure. Although it is highly effective for some patients, it is not recommended for anyone that needs rejuvenation along with the creation of the distinct eyelid fold.

Invasive techniques are going to require more cost, longer recovery time, and increased side effects when compared to the other options. The reason that so many choose to undergo a more complicated treatment is the success rate and the overall benefits of an upper eyelid rejuvenation. Our Beverly Hills Asian eyelid surgery expert warns patients that the recovery does take much longer than placing sutures, so it requires a significant commitment. If you are interested in permanently changing the appearance of your upper eyelids, meet with our surgeon to find out all of the important details prior to making a decision. Not all patients are alike, so feel free to ask many questions about your appearance to help find the solution that will meet your goals.


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