Procedures for Improving the Appearance of Eyes

An aged eye area can make a person appear many years beyond their true age, especially in younger adults. This is an embarrassing problem that is difficult to remedy with topical products alone, so our doctor typically recommends surgery for the best solution. One treatment that is highly successful is the traditional rejuvenation of the drooping skin with the elimination of excess fat above the eye. There is very little that can go wrong with this treatment, unless the patient has multiple goals that may not have been addressed in the original treatment. For instance, a patient of the Asian ethnicity that had a double eyelid created through surgery but lost the fold once it healed would require help from our expert in double eyelid revision in Beverly Hills.

Problems with visible signs of aging in this area may be corrected with brow lift options if the issue starts higher than the eyelids. The direct and temporal lift options both tighten skin and cause the eyelid area to take on a portion of the rejuvenation. One common problem that occurs when working on each side independently is the risk of uneven results once the healing has progressed after treatment. If needed, our expert in direct eyebrow lift in Beverly Hills can fix the problem to leave a rejuvenation that is youthful and symmetrical.


Can I Afford Getting Eyebrow Lift?

Everyone deserves to feel confident in the way that they look, especially if there are noticeable problems related to the facial features. Anyone that has decided on an eyebrow lift as the procedure that is necessary to restore their attractive contours may be worried about the price of surgery. It is a financial commitment that needs to be considered as a necessary part of any cosmetic surgery, because there is no way to avoid making the investment.

One solution that our Beverly Hills eyebrow lift surgery expert may recommend to patients interested in the benefits of rejuvenation is a filler option. Botox and hyaluronic acid are chemical fillers that cause a lifting and plumping effect for rejuvenation without commitment. While it is less expensive than traditional surgery, treatments have to be repeated every few months in order to continue enjoying the benefits. This is a smart way to preview the way your rejuvenated appearance would look with an invasive option, while you take the time to save up for the investment. It is important that you truly consider if you are ready to experience the benefits of surgery, because the right patient will feel that the Beverly Hills eyebrow lift cost is worth the permanent improvement to the most obvious facial features.

What Does Cheek Lift Surgery Cost?

Anyone interested in a cheek lift may feel an immediate concern with the price of treatment. It is smarter to focus on the importance of achieving the appearance that you desire through surgery. The cheek lift cost is overall determined by the complexity of the treatment, the type of anesthesia used, the medical tools, and the appointments with the doctor.

It is always best to work with our Los Angeles cheek lift surgery expert instead of worrying over the cost. Sacrificing treatment quality with a less expensive surgeon is almost a guarantee that a revision will be required at some point in the future. Working with our skilled surgeon provides reassurance that the technique is performed carefully under the most suitable treatment plan.

As with any treatment, anyone that truly wants to experience the benefits of rejuvenation has to be willing to make a sacrifice. Not only must a patient consider the cost of a cheek lift, they must be willing to protect their investment through the recovery. The surgeon is going to provide detailed instructions and medications for the aftercare to provide the opportunity to achieve the best results possible. A patient has to be willing to make the investment of time and money if they want a long-term improvement in their appearance.

Facial Plastic Surgery Types

The main reason that facial plastic surgery treatments are so popular is because there is so much emphasis on beauty in this world. Attractive individuals are more likely to get selected for certain jobs, such as modeling or representing a company. It is uncommon for anyone to have a completely symmetrical face with perfect features. Our facial surgeon in Beverly Hills feels that every person deserves to feel confident with their appearance, even if it takes an invasive treatment to accomplish.

Facial plastic surgery options cover every feature of the face, including the nose, eyelids, eyebrows, chin, cheeks, neck, and ears. Some people may only want to rejuvenate their aging skin with a facelift, while others desire multiple changes in order to make their overall appearance more attractive. Patients that attend a consultation appointment will be provided with various solutions that suit their desires, including any non-invasive alternatives. A younger person may find that laser or chemical treatments are a more reasonable option, until they are dealing with more severe symptoms. Meet with our Beverly Hills facial plastic surgery expert when you feel ready to explore the treatment options. Choosing the right one could help you achieve a greater sense of self-esteem and personal confidence.

What You Should Talk about With Your Plastic Surgeon

The consultation for any plastic surgery is the only opportunity to see if you are a candidate for the treatment you desire. The doctor will want to discuss full medical history and any issues that could cause serious side effects of anesthesia during this visit. Safety has to be the top priority of every surgery, as no physical improvements are worth risking the health of a patient. Another important point that the surgeon is required to discuss is the desires and goals for treatment. The individual should have a realistic idea about the potential surgery results, and understand that it cannot accomplish perfection.

There may be alternative treatment options that are available to avoid the need for an invasive surgery and lengthy recovery. Laser plastic surgery is a great way to treat hair loss, sagging skin, and other conditions if the patient is a suitable candidate. Our breast reduction surgeon in Los Angeles finds that most patients would prefer liposuction over removal of tissue through larger incisions, unless a lift is also needed. Most patients do not realize that there are multiple methods to choose from that provide a very similar improvement. Discuss all options with the surgeon so that you have the most information possible before making a decision about your surgery.

Does Eyebrow Lift Require Surgery?

An eyebrow lift does not always require an invasive surgery to achieve an effective rejuvenation. Unfortunately, the results with a non-invasive procedure will not be as long-term. The solution that our Los Angeles eyebrow lift surgery expert frequently recommends as an alternative is the chemical lift option. Botox and other injectables can help to improve the contour of the brow, smooth away any noticeable wrinkles, and make the entire area appear more youthful.

The downside to a chemical brow lift is that it often requires reoccurring treatments every couple of months in order to keep the desired appearance. These filler materials wear down quickly in most patients, so eventually the cost adds up. If you want a permanent change that is worth the investment, our Los Angeles eyebrow lift procedure expert recommends moving forward with surgery.

Another solution that does not require surgery involves the use of lasers to improve the condition of the skin. Although this also requires multiple treatments to the same area, the results can last much longer than a chemical lift. This is because the skin is actually improved rather than treated with substances that fade. Anyone considering eyebrow surgery or the alternatives should discuss their personal options with our doctor.

What You Should Know about Asian Eyelid Surgery

There are lot of important details that every patient should know before deciding to undergo an Asian eyelid surgery. This type of treatment is almost impossible to reverse once scar tissue has formed, so our facial surgeon in Beverly Hills urges patients to carefully consider the procedure. One non-invasive option that is excluded to treating single eyelid patients is the double suture and twisting procedure. Although it is highly effective for some patients, it is not recommended for anyone that needs rejuvenation along with the creation of the distinct eyelid fold.

Invasive techniques are going to require more cost, longer recovery time, and increased side effects when compared to the other options. The reason that so many choose to undergo a more complicated treatment is the success rate and the overall benefits of an upper eyelid rejuvenation. Our Beverly Hills Asian eyelid surgery expert warns patients that the recovery does take much longer than placing sutures, so it requires a significant commitment. If you are interested in permanently changing the appearance of your upper eyelids, meet with our surgeon to find out all of the important details prior to making a decision. Not all patients are alike, so feel free to ask many questions about your appearance to help find the solution that will meet your goals.